Things to Buy

This is the page where I list the things I still intend to buy. Now, there are far more things than this, but many of them don’t really require hunting. For example, if I need some 2×4’s or drywall, the prices for those are pretty set unless I really happen upon a deal. However, a range or a dishwasher or a bathtub is something that you can get a great deal on used. So, I’ll be on the lookout for these items. I like to shop the local reuse stores, SecondUse, EarthWise, Craigslist and Drewslist. Also, I’m happy for any leads and information about people getting rid of these items for cheap, or better, free.

Please alert me if you see any deals

Dishwasher – No big requirements other than it has to clean well. I picked up a nice dishwasher for $25 at the Habitat ReStore in Raleigh when we lived there and it was amazing – a nice Kenmore machine. I’d like to get a deal like that again.

Washing Machine – Has to be front-load. Probably should be stackable, but I might make the laundry closest just have a second level for the dryer. Has to be big. Our current washing machine is 4.3 cubic feed, and it’s running all the time. It’s an LG washing machine, and I really like it. Clean clothes, quick, and big, and minimal energy use. This may be one of the few appliances I end up buying new. This item has been bought!

Dryer – Has to be propane. I want to keep total electric circuit requirements on this house low, so no electric dryers, heaters, stoves, ovens or water heaters. No big requirements otherwise other than it has to be working. This item has been bought!

Kitchen sinks – the counters have holes for undermount sinks, but they are a bit small. I might cut them bigger and do standard top-mount sinks. No big requirements on kitchen sinks. Deep is better for most cases. I need two kitchen sinks. See floor plan.

Kitchen cabinet set – I’m looking for a deconstruction deal here, or someone who ordered the wrong set. No need to go new. I have a certain amount of flexibility, since the floor plan is still subject to change. Should be matching!

Bathtubs – I need two. I am willing to consider odd sizes. I got one!

Bathroom sinks – I have some flexibility here. Probably want a double sink for the second bathroom. It’s nice to let kids brush their teeth all at the same time. The Habitat ReStore in Wake County, NC sold cultured marble sinks for $5 per bowl and I though they were just fine.

Toilets – I might go new here. However, I might consider used if I can find a good wall-mount toilet. Wall-mount toilet means that there will be nothing on the bathroom floor. That means easy cleaning.

Water heater – I prefer to go tankless, propane. Tankless means you can run your shower all day and not get chilly. That’s useful if you’re showering 7 people in a row.

Heating system – I have not yet decided on a heat source for the house. In floor radiant heating might be nice, but it might be too pricey. I’ll be putting extra money into insulation, so I want to put less money into a high-capacity heating system.

Light fixtures – The key is even lighting, preferably with good LED bulbs. Keep your eyes open for deals on LED bulbs, since there are often promotions on them.