Floor Plan

This page will have floor plans in all their iterations. Each small square is 6 inches by 6 inches.

I will highlight a few features of the floor plan. First, the dining room table is a combined island/dining table. It includes a sink and will have a dishwasher next to the sink facing the kitchen. So, the kitchen will have two sinks – one for cooking, one for cleaning. All the plumbing is along one side of the house – easier installation. All propane devices (range, dryer, tankless water heater) area along one wall – also easier installation. The kid’s bedroom has an integrated bathroom, with the sink outside the bathroom, so everyone can brush teeth while someone is using the bathroom. Kids’ beds are stacked 2-3 high in bunk bed arrangements.

This latest refinement of the floor plan comes thanks to my brother-in-law Rodrigo, who is an architect. First, we were able to squeeze out a few extra square feet because it appears that a) any insulation, sheathing, siding, etc outside the concrete wall is not counted as part of the square footage, and b) the stairs to the basement will be “outside” the house, because they are leading to an unfinished area in the house. (That means the stairs will require an exterior door and will be surrounded by insulated walls.) Because of this, we were able to get some extra square feet of living area. You’ll notice that this is now a laundry room/pantry on the way to the hall bathroom. It now also has a proper coat closet next to the main entry door. (The desk in bedroom 1 will be bunk beds. It’s just drawn as a desk to make it look more normal.)

Floor plan

The latest floor plan is a significant deviation from the previous plans. The house shape changed from 25’x40′ to 20’x50′. The overall layout changed to left-bedroom, right-bedroom, middle dining-kitchen-living-room. A basement has been added. (See this post about insulating concrete forms and building a basement.) The bottom of this houses faces approximately south. So, the kids get the morning sun to get them up in the morning. The parents get the evening sun to enjoy the late summer evenings. All rooms have south-facing windows for maximum winter sunshine. Also, if we put on a 10:12 pitch roof (which is ideal for solar panels at our latitude), we’ll have 750 square feet of south-facing roof. At 12 watts per square foot, you could fit a 9KW solar system on the roof. With a house this small having that much solar and that much insulation, this house might be able to effectively be a “net zero energy” house. That would be a neat extra badge for it to have!


Some changes happened in the 2nd version of the floor plan. Most importantly, I went from three bedrooms to just two bedrooms to get a size boost for each bedroom. I talked to the supplier of the home kit and he said there has to be a wall right in the middle of the house for a support beam, so I had to make the kitchen come into the living room a few more feet. I dropped in a pantry cabinet next to the fridge. The utility room moved to behind the kitchen and the laundry moved in there.

And some more changes happened in the 3rd version of the floor plan. First, note that bath 1 is reconfigured to be more space efficient. There used to be some dead space around the sink. Now, I put the sink into a wall indent and got rid of the dead space, moving it into the kids’ room. (Since the interior doors are going to be pocket doors or barn doors, door swing areas aren’t needed.) Next, I indented the front door to definitely bring square footage under 1000 gross square feet. I also added Murphy beds to both bedrooms. The purple is built-in shelving. There’s a linen closet in the hall now. Also, I have included the larger size windows that I bought, and I put an extra window in the living room, which should let in more evening light in the dark winter months.

Floor Plan 3

Here’s the second iteration of the floor plan:


Here’s the first iteration of the floor plan:

Floor Plan 1