Kitchen cabinets and extra kitchen items

Another important item for the design of a house, and a big money pit if you’re not careful, are kitchen cabinets. As it happens, people renovate kitchens a lot, so there are often lots of extra kitchen cabinets left over. So, after doing some Craigslist searches, I came across this:


For $500 I got the cabinets (uppers and lowers), electric range, range hood, sink, faucet, garbage disposal, and dishwasher. I already have a gas range, so I’m going to put the electric range up for sale and get some of my money back. Also, I think I have another kind of sink in mind, so I’ll probably sell the sink. I already got a dishwasher previously, but this new one is better, so I’ll probably sell the old one. And I certainly don’t need the disposal, so I’ll see if I can make anything off it too.

We also had an adventure getting the cabinets inside the barn. The upstairs of the barn is the largest area for storage of house items, as well as the driest. So, the cabinets needed to go up there. However, the stairs going up are only 2 feet wide, which did not provide enough room for the cabinets to go through. However, the upstairs of the barn has a 4’x4′ door at floor level that just goes out to open air. So, I built a ramp out of a couple 2″x6″x20’s and built a small rope-pulled sled to go on the ramp. We loaded the cabinets onto the sled one-by-one and dragged them up the ramp. It was surprisingly effective and went off without a major disaster. Sadly, we don’t have any pictures recording that fun. Perhaps when we take the cabinets back out again!

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