Homeschool game: Prime Climb

For Christmas we got a game called Prime Climb (link to Prime Climb page).

It’s a fairly simple math game that helps solidify addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a fun way. The game is a race to 101. You have two pawns on a board with places from 0 to 101, and you want to get both your pawns to 101 before the other players. Each turn you roll two 10-sided dice. You then can move your pawns by adding on the dice value, or multiplying, subtracting, or dividing. (Say, you’re on a 22 and you roll a 4 and a 5, then you can multiply 22 by 4 to get 88 and then add 5 to get 93. You cannot exceed 101 at any point.) If your pawn comes to rest on a position that already has another pawn, you send that pawn back to 0. If your pawn comes to rest on a prime number larger than 10 (which are conveniently colored red all the way around), you get to pick a card from a stack that gives you extra powers, like being able to force an opponent on a subsequent move to only subtract or divide.

The game is quick to learn, and my 6-year-old Emma was inspired enough to keep going despite her limited multiplication skills. We pulled out a set of Base 10 Blocks and did multiplication that way.

In addition to it being a fun way to practice multiplication and division, it has a decent amount of strategy and helps you focus on ways to get to 101 within the restrictions of the game. Furthermore, it elegantly depicts how a number is composed of its prime factors. This game is a winner. It’s certainly at least as good as my childhood favorite, The 24 Game, because not only does it involve strategy to get to a certain number, but also you don’t have to worry about people of different skill levels racing to the end like in the 24 Game (which is still a great game!)

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