Refined floor plan (floor plan version 3)

So, it was time to update the floor plan again.Floor Plan 3

There are some changes in this floor plan. First, I was talking with my brother-in-law, who is an architect and regularly works with Island County. As you may recall, the house must be no more than 1000 gross square feet. Gross square feet is defined as area inside the the outside walls (including the outside walls!) minus utility rooms and a few other deductions. I included a utility in my plan to bring the square feet down from 1009 to under 1000, but it seems that if you have laundry in a utility room, then they don’t count it as a utility room. So, I indented the front entrance of the house to make an outside mudroom. That section is 4 feet wide and 4.5 feet deep, so that cuts out 18 gross square feet, bringing me down to 991 gross square feet. I also added a covered porch to the plan so that there’s lots of “dirty space” before entering the house. Western Washington is wet (at least during the wet season), so it’s useful to have a plan to deal with wetness before entering the house.

Next, I did some refining of bathroom 1 to make it more compact. There was some dead space around the sink before that was just for standing in while washing hands. So, I pivoted the sink and moved it to another wall and then placed it inside an indent. Now there is no dead space. Because I’ll be using pocket doors, I don’t have to worry about door swing areas.

Also, the plan reflects the larger windows that I actually acquired. And I added a second window to the living room on the west side to let in afternoon light.

The purple is built-in shelving. Also note that I added Murphy beds to enable dual use of certain floor areas without too much trouble (play during the day, sleep at night).

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