Windows and dishwasher

Today I got some fantastic windows from the Snohomish County Habitat stores. They get a lot of Home Depot’s custom windows that customers don’t accept. That is, they are brand new windows. So, I picked up 3 windows that hadn’t sold for a while, so they were discounted further off their already-discounted price. The problem with selling used windows is that there aren’t really many standard window sizes like there are standard door sizes. So, a window from one place simply will not fit in another place lest it is by a huge stroke of luck. But if you’re building a new house you can design your house around your windows. So, I picked up a 4 foot tall by 8 foot wide window (brand new, u-factor 0.29, low-E, argon gas filled) for $42.35. I got another window for $60 and yet another for $44.

I also picked up another 24 LED light bulbs on recent trips (they limit you to 12 bulbs per day). I also got an air gap for dishwashers for just $1.75. (A similar one on costs around $20.)

And then one of my friends was doing some appliance installation for a friend, and his friend was giving away the old appliances. They weren’t spectacular appliances, but they were in fine shape. So, I got a free dishwasher. Free is my favorite price, and it’s a bonus when I don’t have to do any extra driving or ferries to get it.

Dishwasher and dryer

Dishwasher and dryer


Big window

Big window


Other window

Another window


Window stick

Window sticker – u-factor of 0.29 on this one. Another is 0.27. (Lower is better for u-factor.)

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