Updated floor plan

Yesterday I talked with the supplier of the house kit that I’ve been looking at. The kit is basically for the shell, so the inside floor plan is pretty flexible. But he mentioned that there will need to be a support beam in the middle of the house. My old floor plan did not included a wall in the middle of the house to hold the support beam, so it needed modification. I started pushing walls around and I came up with a new floor plan that offers some benefits (and some disadvantages) compared to the old plan. First, here it is:


The biggest change is this went from 3 bedrooms to just 2. However, the bedrooms got bigger and they got closets, making them legit bedrooms. The kitchen got shifted to the left by about three and a half feet, and the utility room got moved behind the bathrooms. However, this new utility room location has the clear advantage of being able to deliver hot water to the bathrooms lightning fast. The laundry has been moved into the utility room.

Also, with this new configuration, I’m thinking about going to a wall hung toilet and bathtubs with drains above floor level. That way, all my plumbing will be above the slab, and thus easier to service. There will be two points where the plumbing goes into the slab, one inside the utility room, and one under the island. Here’s a great advantage (in my mind) to a wall hung toilet: it’s easier to clean the floor in the bathroom. There’s no more yucky area around the toilet because the toilet does not touch the floor. If I also make the bathroom sink a wall-mount sink, then the entire bathroom floor with be clear for a quick mopping.

Also, I talked with the kit supplier about increasing the roof pitch to 10:12, and he said it should be possible without too much trouble. So, it would be possible to have an upstairs for a future edition of the house. So, the left side of the house would have high ceilings. The right side would have normal height ceilings and an attic that could be converted at some future point to living area. (That could potentially support one or two more bedrooms and another bathroom.)

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