Homeschool Resource: Reading Eggs

There are hundreds of different ways to learn to read. One of the bigger dividing lines is sight words vs phonics. First, a note: English is not a phonetic language. Phonics will only help you so far. Case in point, how do you say “read”? Is it red or reed (both of which are also words). With German, our kids’ other native language, it’s easier. German is almost phonetic with few ambiguities, so it’s much easier to read. That being said, some basic phonetic patterns make it easier to deal with words you don’t know yet. So, that being said, one resource that we’ve used with Lisa, Emma and a bit with Ben is Reading Eggs. It costs $59/year as of this writing. It has a number of sequential, relatively fun, computerized reading lessons that simultaneously deal with phonics and sight words. Phonics is really a bridge to sight words. Adults, generally, do not sound out words as they read them, but just glance at them and know them by sight. Even in phonetic languages like German, you don’t sound things out. If you see Strassenbahnschienen, you don’t go through sound-by-sound, but rather, you immediately see the word splits (strassen-bahn-schienen) and recognize each word on its own. (The word means street car tracks, in case you were wondering.)

So, if you have a bit of money to spend, Reading Eggs might be good for you. I believe they have a free trial so you can see if it meshes with your kid.

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