Kitchen countertops

One of the most expensive parts of a house is the kitchen. People love to remodel kitchens, so there are often perfectly good kitchens being removed from houses. So, reuse stores are a great place to pick up used kitchens. However, the big problem is getting the used kitchen to fit in your space. But if you’re building a new house and the floor plan isn’t fixed yet, you can build your kitchen floor plan around the items that you buy.

So, I was monitoring SecondUse’s website and I found some nice countertops in inventory. The material is Terrazzo, which is a composite of sorts, but in a fairly elegant way. So, I bought 4 sections of countertop and designed a kitchen around it.

The largest piece will be an eat-at-island with built-in sink and dishwasher underneath. That way, there will be a cleaning sink and a cooking sink. That should help workflow in a busy kitchen.

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